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The test lasts about 40 minutes and involves the following:

Paperwork – You must take with you your full licence and your theory certificate. Paper counterpart is no longer valid (as of June 2015)

Eyesight test – you must be able to read a number plate from 20.5 metres. If you cannot read the number plate the test will be stopped.

Vehicle Checks – You will be asked a safety question about the car before you drive away. Whilst driving you will be asked another question. Show Me - Tell Me video online here question list is here

Driving – you are expected to drive on a number of roads, which can vary in size, amount of traffic and speed limits. You are expected to perform one manoeuvre and possibly an emergency stop. You will drive independently for about 20mins following either traffic signs, or following directions on a Sat-Nav.

If you drive to the required standard, avoid making any serious or dangerous faults, and do not make more than 15 driver faults you will succeed in passing your test.

The theory test is a test of driving knowledge rather than a practical test of driving. You have to get a minimum of 43 questions correct out of 50. The questions cover all aspects of driving and basic mechanics of the car.

The test itself, is done on touch screen computer and we have computer programs for you to get practice on before the real thing.


Hazard Perception Test

The Hazard Perception test comprises of 14 video clips which have 15 hazards in total in the 14 clips. You can achieve a maximum of 5 points for spotting the hazard at the correct time down to one point if you spot it too late. The pass mark for hazard perception test is at present 44 out of 75. You will sit your hazard test straight after your theory test .  If you fail either of them you have to re-sit them both again.

FREE! One month’s subscription to Driving Test Success Online for all pupils to help with the Theory Test. There is also a DVD available for your assistance.

Theory Test Practical Test Now you have passed your test, it is recommended to do the Pass Plus to gain further experience
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FREE for all drivers - CD Rom full of useful handouts and educational video clips.

FREE one month’s subscription to  Driving Test Success Online for all pupils
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